Many of you may recognize my name from the Concordian. I was a staff writer for the paper starting in 2013 when I submitted an article heralding the proud history of Concordia, interviewing original owners. Over the course of my tenure as a staff writer, I enjoyed interviewing many couples married more than 50 years, couples who met in Concordia, a resident who played golf at 100 years of age, a homeowner who flys a drone...and also covering issues such the township changeover to bulk electrify and the Intercommunity meeting.

I resigned from the Concordian, as required, in order to run for the BOT.

Because I understand and believe in the importance of communication, I many times suggested a POINT/COUNTERPOINT column in the paper where concerns and suggestions could be responded to a by Trustee. 

In addition to serving the community on the newspaper, since moving here, I have worked to establish communications. I met with the BOT in 2012 to establish an email list, group or forum that the BOT or a representative could administer, thus disallowing inappropriate posts. They declined and I did it on my own. 

For five years, I have administered a Yahoo Group email list where people share service requests and suggestion, health professional requests and suggestions, lost pets, area events such as concerts…and emergency messages from the township. For five years, I have kept that venue free of controversy and contention.

I have also been co-facilitator of the Mon, Wed, Fri exercise class for 4 or 5 years. I'm a member of Rock 'n' Rollers and have twice presented to Brandeis, and very briefly helped out the Concordia NCJW.

I am a homeowner in good standing since 2012 and I am here all year round, and retired.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The Deed and Title to my house are in the name of the the Mirah Riben Trust, Mirah Riben Trustee. Just me! Not a family trust and it is revocable. 


My employment history includes being Associate Editor of three magazines for Volitant/Histrionic Publishing, 21 West 26 Street, NYC. 

While raising three children I became a licensed Realtor. 

While at Rutgers University, I worked on grant procurement and edited many dissertations, and selected peer review journal articles for the Bioregenerative Systems Section of Life and Biosphere Science Journal, 1997-1998 and helped edit the book, "Methods in Molecular Biology."   

I was Administrator of the Rutgers NJ-EcoComplex, from its inception. It began as a joint project of Rutgers, the State University of NJ, Stevens Institute, NJ-NSCORT, and Burlington County. I coordinated with seven Rutgers departments and facilitated state and national environmental conferences at our state of the art facility demonstrating the use of methane gas from a landfill to heat greenhouses. I organized EcoLab school programs, essay contests, and Science Fairs.  I worked with incubator companies via NJ-CAT, and managed multiple grant budgets including a $5M grant from NASA, purchasing, and payroll. 


Keep in CONTACT with me:

o   FACEBOOK:         https://tinyurl.com/MirahRibenBOT-FB

o   BLOG:                   http://mirahriben4bot.blogspot.com

o   EMAIL:                  MirahRibenBOT@gmail.com

As a Trustee, my main priority will be to create a peaceful, enjoyable place for us all to live in by HEARING, listening to, and respecting everyone's opinions, suggestions, and idea

ALL candidates say they will LISTEN. 
I am the ONLY candidate EVER 
to provide a means to do so!

as forums where residents can post their concerns and suggestions and get answers and feedback from me, as well other residents

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